Hell BK EDGE:2

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Hell BK EDGE:2 Plectrum by Osiris Accessories.

Material: Black Acrylic
Shape: Triangle Symmetrical (TRS)
Thickness (mm): 3
Size: L (Large)
Engraving: Red/Gold

Welcome our new Plectrum, the Hell BK EDGE:2! This new TRS-shaped Plectrum, sized M and with a thickness of 3mm, introduces a significant innovation: the new EDGE:2 shaping! This new type features knife-like edges, with both sides of the Plectrum heavily polished, resulting in sharp corners, which opens up new possibilities in guitar playing! With this pick, we are introducing the EDGE:2 line, and soon more of our Plectrums will be made with this edge. To be clear, the names of Plectrums made with this technique will include “EDGE:2”.


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