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MaxGrip Plectrum by Osiris Accessories.

We’ve asked you earlier what would be the perfect thinner, more elastic 1.4-1.5mm Plectrum for you.
We’ve summed up the answers and this is the first variation we came up with! The golden one is 1.5mm and the black is 1.4 mm.
We applied double-sided engraving for maximum grip! Thanks to this new material, the Plectrum is more elastic – like jazz III – yet its’ durability is excellent!
Some of our Artists have already tested the prototypes and the final result is that we brought to life a “Custom made Jazz III killer”!
Would it be an exaggeration?  You tell me!  Our best priced series for now: available in 1 or even 3 pcs and 5 pcs sets, so it’s even cheaper!




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