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AXXXIII Plectrum by Osiris Accessories.

A limited series made on the occasion of András Szvirida’s (founder) birthday.
Andras: “Dear Everybody! I turned 33. Thank you so much for the support I’ve received from you recently as today I speak to you as a person, not the company. You are the ones who keep Osiris alive – it’s a big responsibility and we hope we meet your expectations! On the occasion of my birthday, we are presenting a special limited edition Plectrum! It will only be available for 33 days. The shape, size, color combination and thickness are all based on my idea, which is the most comfortable for me. I hope you will love too! Each piece is numbered on the back of the Plectrum, making it a perfectly unique piece – recommended for collectors, Plectrum obsessives and those who want to support Osiris. Thanks for everything!”

Material: Black sparkle acrylic
Shape: DMD (Diamond)
Size: M (30x25mm)
Thickness (mm): 2.9
Engraving: Bearded skull in cap (Gold)
Edges: Polished
Grip: Matte


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