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Serga - Artist - Osiris Accessories


Guitartist | Composer | Producer

Sergey Kasinec is a Ukrainian guitarist, youtuber, composer, sound engineer, and music producer.

He has been in the music business for over 20 years, working with a variety of artists and bands.

Sergey is currently engaged in three different projects, which differ in their style and atmosphere – industrial djent/retrowave music composing under his name, world music with folk elements in collaboration with Kate Vach, and Dark Ambient music under the name of MOERAE.

In 2020, Serga collaborated with Kirill Barakhtyansky on creating an online audio production studio, Dark Twin. Additionally, they created an Internet band Dark Twin under this alias and released their debut album Prometheus which successfully resonated with the audience.

Some other worth mentioning collaborations are with Roland, Boss, Ibanez, Mercuriall, Perfect Drums, Agile Guitars, Vintage Guitars, Behringer, Bugera, Mercuriall Vst, Nux, Seymour Duncan, Iron Age Guitar Accessories, ST.Rock.

On top of that, Serga is an official artist of Valravn Guitars, Mercuriall Audio Software and Osiris Accessories.

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