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Peta Lukács

Peta Lukács

Guitartist | Bikini, Albus, European Mantra, Ocean Hills

Peta Lukács was born on 6 April, 1978 in Pápa, Hungary.
He began to learn music at the age of seven and three years later he got his first electric guitar.
He was self-taught until he moved to Budapest in 1996, since he was admitted to the Music Institute of Kőbánya.
He graduated with excellent results in 2001. Peta got an early recognition within the music industry:
at the age of 14 he won the first electric guitar competition and in 1996 the greatest television talent scout of Hungary (‘Ki Mit Tud?’)
in the ‘solo musician’ category. Moreover, Peta won several minor competitions and he begun to perform in more and more bands.
With Gergő Borlai they formed European Mantra in 2001 that which’s style could be described as fusion jazz-metal.
European Mantra soon became a cult band of the Hungarian music scene. In 2006 Peta joined Bikini, one of the most popular rock bands of Hungary.
They play a considerable amount of shows for thousands of fans. In 2013 Peta released his first solo album entitled War & Peace
which won the greatest Hungarian music award called ‘Fonogram’ in rock/metal category. His second album ‘Homo Imperfectus’ was released in 2017.

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