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K.I.R. - Artist - Osiris Accessories

Kirill Barakhtyansky

Guitartist | Composer | Producer

Kirill Barakhtyansky is a Ukrainian guitarist and producer who started his music career as a guitar gear reviewer on YouTube. He was doing demos for his own equipment and for guitars from online shop, “Uzh Guitars”.

After a while he began to write his own music for his solo project K.I.R. and released 3 studio albums – Infernal, Arcanum and Resistance.

In 2020 Kirill collabed with Serga Kasinec and created an online audio production studio Dark Twin. Also, under this alias they created internet band Dark Twin and released their debut Prometheus album which began to attract quite a lot of audience.

Also, Kirill is working on his side electronic industrial project Torn Matter.

Kirill is an official artist of Mercuriall Audio Software, Osiris Accessories and Valravn Guitars.

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