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About Us

The Company

The idea of Osiris Accessories born in András Szvirida’s mind in 2017. It was yet vague and needed evolve.

The circumstances and the conditions for a sort of a launch however were not
given. While the spirit of Osiris Accs was around it came into being only in March 2020 when the
shaping of the products started. It took a long way from brainstorming and fantasizing to the first
plectrums were made. The journey of Osiris started on the 17 th . of August 2020 and the first
series of plectrums made of exotic wood was displayed to public. The surprisingly positive
feedbacks and the sellings opened the way for the basically one man team to experiment with
other materials.

Today among one can find on our list plectrums made of exotic wood, acryl, kirinite, bones,
brass and their combination. The very first milestone on the way of recognition of Osiris
Accessories when guitarist Oni Hasan became our official artist/endorser. Next to Oni today
were honored to welcome in the Osiris family a number of badass, talented guitarists who are
listed in the ARTIST tab on our website.

2021 brought us to a new level. The dedication to what we do, the ideas of plectrums that we
were lucky enough to implement allowed us to widen our audience and get in touch with Rob
Chapman, the founding father of Chapman Guitars, the guitarist of bands Dorje, Clockwork and
Co. And not only that we know each other now, Rob Chapman is now officially an Osiris Artist.
Osiris Accessories does not only work with plectrums. We are planning to launch a line of new
accessories with our new team mates who joined us this year. Our aim is to produce accessories –
mostly for guitarist – that are not only esthetically immaculate but are convenient in use, can ease
the musician’s life and open new horizons for ones’ self-expression.

The Founder

András Szvirida is a composer and guitarist who primarily creates in the instrumental progressive metal style. His first officially released album is titled “Abiogenesis.” In addition to progressive metal, he operates another musical project under the name Insomnia Project, where he composes music in the dark ambient style.

András designs and, to some extent, produces all Osiris products. He exclusively handcrafts each plectrum in the Founder Series Plectrums.

Following numerous trials and challenges, collaborating with his colleague Zsolt Forgó, they strive to envision and create products that make the lives of modern musicians easier.

Zsolt Forgo

It’s always a pleasure to work with musicians, getting to know them, hearing their stories, and creating custom picks for them is a huge joy and challenge. That’s how I met Zsolt (guitarist of a local metal band), who has become a cornerstone member of Osiris Accessories, my business partner, and a friend without whom the company couldn’t function!

Zsolt regularly visited the workshop; we had good conversations and brainstormed new products together. It didn’t take long for Zsolt to become interested in Osiris – the work process, the concept, and the atmosphere.

It took a while for Zsolt to learn the art of making Plectrums – contrary to popular belief, Plectrum crafting demands exceptional precision and careful attention. After a few months, Zsolt was making flawless Plectrums and immediately joined Osiris.

At the time of Zsolt’s arrival, the company was struggling because I (András, the founder) was the sole Plectrum maker. As the company gained more recognition, the orders increased, leading to production issues as I couldn’t keep up with orders. Deadlines were missed, and customers were unhappy. Zsolt’s presence literally saved the company and took it to a new level. Zsolt has become an integral part of the company’s operation.

Today, he’s my business partner and a good friend with whom we strive to ensure the customers of Osiris are satisfied by introducing new ideas, designs, and products into the Osiris portfolio!


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